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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Are Democrats Really This Incoherent?

Today Rahm Emanuel, the Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was on Meet the Press. He is usually a very thoughtful guy. But, what was he thinking this morning? And more importantly, what was the Democratic Leadership thinking letting him go on this program totally unprepared and uninformed?

It wasn’t as if the questions Tim asked were off the wall. The questions were totally expected, except that Mr. Emanuel (D-Ill.) didn’t expect them. He was incoherent and totally misinformed. He spouted numbers that no one has heard before and was unable to answer any question coherently. His responses to the Social Security debate were particularly painful as the numbers and dates are out there for everyone to see.

If this is how the Dems are preparing for the up coming fight, they and we, the public, are in deep do-do!

Get the message and the talking points together folks. It’s not that difficult. And oh, by the way, pass them out after you write them down.



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