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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rendition Smells!

In a past life I lived near a rendering plant in Massachusetts. Let me tell you that rendering smells. It is disgusting. It clings to your body and makes you a part of the process. There is no escaping its outcome.

It is called rendering because it is about separation. It is about the separation of organs. It is about “melting down.” It is ugly.

And so our policy of rendering folks to other countries smells as well. Do we render them there so that we, US Citizens, can feel superior that we don’t torture? Do we render them to other countries so that U.S. Citizens don’t have to smell the acrid air that rendition produces?

The cloying smell and affects of rendition, like the factory in Auburn Massachusetts, is just as clinging as the stench from this Administration’s policy.

We are all a part of this and must shut down this factory.

Or are we just “Good Germans” who will ignore the smell of acrid air?


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