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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just Exactly Who Are We as We Head into 2008?

Michael Jackson has too many issues to even mention. But, that said, he is a musical genius. And here is one of his more timeless contributions to our musical history.

So, we are headed into what has been called the most important election in our country’s history by the Chattering Classes, Village Pundits and Idiots in Washington, DC, and I am not saying they are necessarily wrong this time. What with torture, eviscerating the U. S. Constitution, holding American Citizens in Prison without Due Process, suspending Habeas Corpus, and an Illegal War or two, I have to question what has become of our republic and the citizens who inhabit it. Not to mention what our Founding Fathers would have thought of this “Perfect Union.”

As imperfect as we all are, and we all are, I have to think it is imperative that we all take a look in the Mirror! And in spite of those imperfections do what we can to make “That Change.”



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