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Saturday, December 15, 2007

MP3 Tell All!

Beware technology!

This reminds me of all the politicians who say things that can readily be proven wrong by “roll the Video Tape!” So, here we have a police officer interrogating a suspect who then denies that he ever interrogated the suspect.

OOPS! It is 2007 and everyone has a cellphone, most youngsters have MP3 players and as we all know Youtube is just a post away. Folks, it isn’t just the Bush Administration that is taping everything you do and say. Your neighbors and complete strangers, not to mention suspects, are capable of recording everything you do as well.

Now as just about every defense attorney knows the cops often color their testimony (read: euphemism for lies).

Now, for defense attorneys this case is a god send. Most defense attorneys know that confessions and the circumstances around which they are attained are not trustworthy ( see the Higazy confession). Think of it as the “Not there DNA.”

So, should we be shocked by this development? I don’t think so. I just love the fact that a “kid” got the better of a “cop.”

As someone I know made clear to me many who serve on juries don’t understand the “Burden of Proof.” They think that they should balance the testimony of the prosecution with the testimony of the defense. If they don’t find the prosecution’s testimony credible they think that they should see if the defense’s testimony is more credible. Well folks, that is completely wrong. If the prosecution’s testimony and evidence isn’t credible they haven’t met the “Burden of Proof” period the end.

This is why we need to video tape all interrogations! What could be clearer folks and why do the Gendarmes resist?


Blogger Asa said...

How many times do I have to tell you lady? There is only one camera for the entire precinct, and its a Polaroid. They simply can't afford to videotape them all! :)

Seriously, its probably cost that's keeping them away. Researching and then implementing a system, and then managing it. They've gotta have recording systems, storage networks to store em all. Oy. Not to mention backup.

All it would produce is justice, so what's the point?

8:00 AM  

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