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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Wave of the Future

I really don’t understand why America isn’t investing in Public Transportation. It seems to me that what with Peak Oil, etc., it is the only rational response to the future. Corn ain’t going to do it folks!

So here is an article that begs reality and is quite telling. It seems that folks out there are SHOCKED I TELL YOU that folks are increasingly using Public Transportation.


The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, which operates a commuter rail system from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, posted a rise of more than 20 percent in rider numbers this March and April as monthly ridership climbed to 350,000.

“Nobody believed that people would actually give up their cars to ride public transportation,” said Joseph J. Giulietti, executive director of the authority. “But in the last year, and last several months in particular, we have seen exactly that.”

Well, no shit Sherlock! You really have to wonder who has been in charge of public policy in the last thirty years since this country went from being a mass exporter to the largest importer of oil.

Talk about the obvious. Mind boggling isn’t it?


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