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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bittman on the Kitchen

According to him size doesn’t matter. And he is right. Though I am lucky in that I have an eat-in-kitchen in Manhattan it is very small compared to those I have had in the suburbs of Massachusetts. There is limited storage and counter space. The one luxury I do have is a double-wide refrigerator which I love. Most folks I know have big-ass televisions. I have a big-ass fridge and a relatively small TV. Priorities you know!

I do love to cook and have always loved to cook. I am not a great cook, but pretty good. One of the finest cooks and caterers I know cooks on a small and ancient stove (even older and smaller than mine) with a very small oven. She also has a very small and efficient Italian fridge.

Bittman is right: cooks cook, no matter the accoutrements. Granite countertops and a Viking stove (though very attractive) don’t make your lamb stew a better lamb stew!

Say you are a carnivore that is!


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