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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why I Hate Grover Norquist!

A while ago I was at a small dinner party when for no particular reason one of the guests contemptuously blurted out that, “No One Likes Paying Taxes.”

So, I said, “That’s Not True.”

The other guest said incredulously, “You Like to Pay Taxes?”

So, I said, in a manner which made it clear that I was serious as a heartattack, “Yes! I like clean drinking water, the electrification of the country, a safe food supply, the rule of law, public transportation, Social Security, Medicare, the roads you drive on and a whole host of programs brought to us by government through taxation. Don’t you?”

Kind of ended the argument, dontcha know!

So, when I saw this video I had to laugh.

Grover Norquist’s “Small Government” crowd includes the banksters who are opposed to “Government Intervention” until they need to be bailed out of course. And just like the guest who is opposed to taxes, Medicare and Social Security are her due even though she resents having to pay the taxes to support those “necessary” programs. Well, actually, if truth be told, I pay taxes so that she and her cohort can collect from “Big Government.” But then I really shouldn’t be so petty or “Small.”

And no “Hate” isn’t too strong a word.

h/t Dave Johnson


Blogger Andros said...

Erhghhhh! Taxes are responsible for having a civic society. In the vacuum of space--where some people seem to believe they operate in--no taxes are needed to pay for the benefits we enjoy today. Of course, we know that some people (no doubt patriots) like to be freeloaders!

2:03 PM  

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