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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Overcoming Katrina?

Will we? I don’t think we will, nor should we. That said, many of the Diaspora that resulted from this tragedy in NOLA are doing their best. And to that end one of my cohorts D’Ann Penner and her co-author Keith C. Ferdinand have documented many of these efforts and struggles.

Their book Overcoming Katrina is both devastating and inspiring at the same time. The forward by former President Jimmy Carter is indeed a tribute to the importance of their effort in recording the narratives of many of this dispersed Community. I cried, laughed and was infected with a positive vision of the future (and Lord knows we could all use that now.)

Get a hold of it now as it is in its third printing since the beginning of March and is flying off the shelves as we speak. If you care about the future of this country you do not want to miss this most recent and relevant part of our country’s history and values. It provides a mirror look into our collective souls and future.

I highly recommend it.


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