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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Believe Nancy: That Bright Shinny Thing!

Well once again the old adage that a broken clock is right twice a day, Maureen Dowd has actually hit it right on. And of course she did it by stealing from one of the best.

My sister often makes her son focus by saying, “Bright Shinny Thing” this is usually when he gets off track, and usually when he is driving. And she is right. He will get diverted by something totally inconsequential to the determent of what is important. Her putting him back on track by yelling, “Bright Shinny Thing” works. If only it worked with the MSM. Now beyond the whole plagiarism issue I still think MODO‘s column is worth reading.

I frankly don’t really care what Nancy knew and when she knew it. I am troubled that so many Americans are down with Torture, yes, but that is a reality thanks to Fox News and “24” and our culture of violence.

Rachel and Bob Graham:

Now Pelosi is the latest Diversion from who did what when and how. Because it was’nt Nancy folks it was Dick, George, etc. And they are not Bright Shinny Things. No Distractions there!

Didn’t George Tenant say that “WMD” were a “Slam Dunk”. So who would think that the CIA would lie to anyone never-the-less-Congress?



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