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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Healthcare Debate

This debate, such as it is, is about two competing philosophies. On the Right is the YOYO philosophy: You’re On Your Own. On the Left is the WITT philosophy: We’re In This Together.

So, take a look at how other countries, who take a WITT approach to Healthcare, deal with the problem on Frontline’s “Sick Around the World.” The YOYO’s in this country could learn something.

Why doesn’t the U.S.A. take a WITT approach? Well, you can’t count on our Congress as we, the people, are subsidizing their Healthcare through FEHB. That’s right they are on the “Dole,” so they will not admit that they benefit from WITT and are prescribing YOYO for the rest of us.

Thoughtful of them don’t you think?


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