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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Net Neutrality

Another broken promise?
Some in Silicon Valley are responding to the Google-Verizon pact on net neutrality, and they aren’t pleased.

Facebook, a member of the Open Internet Coalition, said it doesn’t support the legislative proposal. Google is also a member of the coalition, and is facing criticism for what looks like a retreat from previous principles.

“Facebook continues to support principles of net neutrality for both landline and wireless networks,” said spokesman Andrew Noyes in a statement. “Preserving an open Internet that is accessible to innovators -- regardless of their size or wealth -- will promote a vibrant and competitive marketplace where consumers have ultimate control over the content and services delivered through their Internet connections.”

Amazon.com has recently said it can support co-location of servers, where content companies like it and Google pay more to be closer to their customers. This provides faster delivery of their content and services.

But it isn't for the idea of managed services – carving out parts of Verizon’s broadband pipe to give out to the highest bidder (for example, if streaming Netflix on FiOs, chargingn consumers for the better quality).

"We've long supported net neutrality and although we agree that network operators should be allowed to offer additional services, we are concerned that this proposal appears to condone services that could harm consumer Internet access," Amazon said in a statement.


Blogger Asa said...

Al Franken is taking signatures if anyone's interested.

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Blogger scott huminski said...

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