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Saturday, March 05, 2005

What a Display of The Ten Commandments Means.

Aside from the Constitutional ramifications of displaying the Ten Commandments on government property, I have long been troubled by the dichotomy between the Old Testament/New Testament expressions of the "Religious Right" out there.

Amanda at Mouse Words does a terrific job of breaking this down. This view of Christianity without Jesus is most confusing for me. I find it curious that most of the “Christian Right” does seem to be so enamored of the God of the Old Testament, and frankly devoid of any reference to the New Testament which was about Jesus.

Every time I hear another pronouncement from the “Religious Right” I wonder, what would Jesus think?

Well, I think that he would be, and probably is, rolling over in his grave.

As someone put it, not so delicately recently and I can’t remember who, the “Religious Right’ is less about Christianity and more about the “Politics of Resentment.”

Just what exactly to they resent about the liberal Jesus? That he is Liberal?

Say you wanted a humorous take on this dichotomy, you would of course go to J.C. Christian. The Patriot Boy relentlessly tracks this trend. Very insightful, and very funny, and very sad on the state of Christianity today.

How can they call themselves “Christians?”


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