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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Judith Miller to Spend More Time with Her Family.

Well, the Pinch and Judy Show is out in the NYT. Mostly the papers coverage is pretty much a rehash of what we already knew. However, the fact that she lied to her bosses about being one of the reporters that received the info about Wilson’s wife doesn’t bode well for her future as a journalist.

Editor & Publisher has a good piece on this and her perhaps extended vacation.

As for Miller’s own rendition of the events surrounding her extended stay at Not-Club-Fed, and subsequent Grand Jury testimony, it defies reason. If her note taking and memory lapses are any indication of what a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter's habits are then not only has she driven the Times into the toilet, but flushed the Pulitzers as well.

There is a reason that the Times is often referred to as Pravda. It is because they are often merely scribes of the administration. In our current corporate media world this is not unexpected. But for the Times to put themselves in such jeopardy in the Miller case is outrageous and thoughtless. Given Judith Miller’s misreporting on the WMD touted by the Administration in the propaganda campaign leading to the invasion of the sovereign country of Iraq and the ensuing lack of finding any such touted WMD, and the Times mea culpa concerning that reporting, the Times stance in support of Miller in this instance is unconscionable.

What this all means for the paper of record is right now unclear. But, I personally think that when all is said and done their support for Miller is far more damaging than anything Jason Blair did to the institution's reputation.



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