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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Iraq for Sale, Indeed!

Okay, so this is not news to many of the folks out there who are on top of the situation, but that said, the scope and hubris involved in this War Profiteering is horrifying. I am also sure that Robert Greenwald’s film is just the tip of this particular iceberg.

Now it seems that though, as reported by Greenwald and Halliburton’s employees, Halliburton doesn’t seem to worry about the lives of its employees, Bechtel and Kroll do care about theirs. They are pulling out of Iraq. Apparently there is a limit to their greed. But, the greed of our Vice-President’s former employer, not so much.

My astute son keeps telling me that War is all about Profiteering whenever I rant and rave. He is right!

War Profiteering is a Criminal Act. How come we aren’t prosecuting it?

Ah, yes, Halliburton, Cheney, Bechtel, Bush, CACI, etc., big RNC contributions.

The Movie! Watch it!

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