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Sunday, April 06, 2008

I love Jim Kunstler!

Monday morning is one of my favorites. First of course is Krugman and then Jim does his weekly post on Clusterfuck Nation. How good does that get?

One of the most touching and wonderful pieces that I have ever read was his chapter in the Long Emergency on his father. Of course I loved him long before that. He is a sweetie and a crank and he lives in Saratoga Springs, one of my favorite towns. So he knows from whence he speaks. Saratoga is pretty much a walk-able town.

So, with that in mind here he is:

His critique on Saratoga Architecture is fabulous. And he is right when he says that consumers are different from citizens.

Now many see Jim as being a pessimist. I don’t think so.

Jim ends all his emails with “It’s all good.” These are not the words of a pessimist, but the words of an optimist. Jim has faith in our rationality.

Though, he could be just too much of an optimist when you consider Jesus of TYT’s opinion that the intelligence of the American public is far too over-rated. And of course you all listen to The Young Turks, right?


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