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Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Stroke!

In 1990 I had what my doctors, who induced it, called a neurological incident: a stroke. This video was sent to me (as usual thank you Janis) and it is very telling in so many ways. It is for me very emotional and yet uplifting. Watch the whole thing you won’t be disappointed.

Jill Bolte Taylor and her stroke of insight are awesome.

So what did you learn?

Update: I was lucky, in some ways, in that during my brain meltdown I was under anesthesia so that I didn’t know what was going on. It did however make figuring out what went wrong very difficult to understand. The first indications were physical and then the mental which where thought to be from the intense and lengthy general anesthesia. This made the whole process of dealing with it far more difficult and harrowing. And it also made the process of working through the problem far more complicated. The process of dealing with it was, as my situation revealed, left to my resources. And I must say that luckily I had a lot of resources to draw on.

Video Alert: Click on the the link at Stoke of Insight. When the script message comes up select continue. Asa and I are trying to figure out the loading problem. And you know he will figure it out.


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