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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dancing and What it Means!

I have always had this very bright line. Anyone that didn’t have rhythm and couldn’t dance would never be a sexual partner for me. I just couldn’t imagine having a sexual relationship with someone who was so out of touch with their own body never mind my body. And I have to tell you it was a very good “bright line.” I will say there were times where I made exceptions and I shouldn’t have. And I can’t remember anytime being proven wrong.

So that said here are two women who are totally together and doing the right thing and spelling it out:

And here they are with Kate Smith for God Sakes!

Who would have thunk that Kate Smith would have made the cut.

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt8pi-SE7FY

Update: I must say that seeing two White Males, never mind three, doing this would be really a stretch.

I am not saying, I am just saying. So, what is with that?

Update 2: Back in the day my brother told my son that I was the best dancer he had ever seen or known. Now this was partially true, but then he is a totally white guy. However in my defense, I was a totally great dancer and won many an award. Of course my constant partner Harry deserved a lot of the credit. We were so great it was frightening. I am sure that Harry, now a Catholic Priest, is as totally proud of his dancing history as I am. I am sure that his mother Reverend Josephs would have agreed.

File this under TMI.


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