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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Operator Give Me Jesus on the Line

I grew up with the Church Ladies' Choir and this was my favorite. When we were living in Virginia in the 50’s we lived right next door to a “Negro” Church. Naturally it was run by “Negro” Women. I spent many a day hanging out on the fence listening to the Choir and enjoying the attention of the “Ladies.” In my teens my best friend’s mother was the Leader of the Mt. Olive Church. When his mother passed, the Very Reverend Josephs willed me, among other things, her collection of Clara Ward 78’s and they were my prized possession. Unfortunately, my mother in a moment of pique sold all of my 78’s and the Clara Ward Singers and Bessie Smith collection among other Gospel Classics went. I have been on a mission to find a recording of Clara Ward doing “Operator” since.

So, I have had to settle for the Manhattan Transfer version and it could be worse.

Pretty Good, but it is not the Classic Miss Ward and the Singers. And the Lord knows, as good atheists, that my son and I do love the Manhattan Transfer but I love Miss Ward more.

This video is so Old School and I love it!


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