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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rescue Me and Everyone Else!

This is a follow up post to the last one. This is pretty much what many people are hoping that Barack Obama can do. I think that it is a very tall order and I am doubtful that it can be accomplished. That said let’s go with Fontella anyway.

It is the hope and change we want to live with!


Blogger Andros said...

For all of those who don't think Obama can deliver on all those promises and the expectations....

I know, I'll be a critic of the things I don't like that he'll do as president. I also know that I live in a country whose majority doesn't think like me or has the same vision, expectations, priorities.

But, above all, may I suggest this: You can't move in the right direction unless the ship's captain points the vessel that way!

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