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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It’s a Swindle Folks!

Just how many times can the Bush Administration cry Wolf to grab extraordinary power? And just how many times will the Dems fall for it? Well, it is starting to look like we may be at the end of that road and that many a Repub is joining in.

This Financial Patriot Act emergency push through is starting to have its skin peeled back. It is comforting to see that even our Congresscritters are asking questions that any thinking person would ask. So, thanks to all those that called in and either provided questions or expressed their outrage, in a polite way of course.

Now on Friday I started to think that this bailout was just another Bush Administration Swindle because it had all the hallmarks of say, Iraq (a truly big Swindle) and the lead up to it, etc. This Crisis is being sold as a Worldwide Financial Meltdown, just as Iraq was sold as being a Worldwide Threat with its WMD. Well, it seems that the rest of the World isn’t buying it this time. When Europe and Japan tell the U.S. you are on your own I am thinking they don’t see the threat of this Worldwide Crisis. As Prof. Krugman has said, “It is the Trust Problem.

Now if we are to believe Hank Paulson, and that is a risky thing given that his nickname at Goldman Sachs use to be “Mr. Risky,” both he and Prof. Bernanke have been working on this for over a year. So, for over a year they have known about this? So, then why is it a Crisis now? And so, we should want these poor crisis management types to dictate what we need to do now? And if they have been “working” this crisis for over a year why can’t they answer even the simplest of questions?

It is a Swindle folks, pure and simple.

Apparently I am not the only one who has seen this movie before. It is time to SLOW DOWN FOLKS and ask questions and look at the evidence before running off to find out there are no WMD. Other than the Credit Default Swaps (see AIG), that is.

Now I don’t want anyone to think that I am saying that Our Economy isn’t totally fucked up, it is. But, that was part of this Administration’s plan all along. What I am saying is that this particular Administration Swindle is to pay off the Swindlers.

Oh, and Warren Buffett is betting against Paulson, et. al., but what does the Oracle know?

Update: Dave Johnson over at Seeing the Forest has a take on this plan that is quite humorous and suggests that my aluminum foil hat isn’t on as tightly as I thought.


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