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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Hope

Every year on Thanksgiving I give thanks and hope for the coming years. This year I am hopeful that we, as a world because it isn’t just the U.S.A. that is in trouble, can make it through the next couple of years without the social meltdown that is being envisioned. I am hopeful that we, as a world, can pull together and make it through. Yes, I said that twice. It needs to be said twice because these are really perilous times both financially and socially.

The U.S.A. is blessed in that it has a really, really, smart coming head-of-state. But the problems this coming administration is facing are horrendous. First and foremost are the threats against it from the far-right which wishes to extinguish it before it even starts. If they are able to carry out their threats it would have cataclysmic effects worldwide. Then of course the obvious is the Financial Meltdown bequeathed to it from the last 30 years of fiscal irresponsibility, malfeasance, recklessness and our global connections.

I will not be sighing with a breath of relief until I see “The One” sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office surrounded by the Secret Service.

Not that I expect miracles, I don’t. But I do need “Change I can believe in.”

Here is hoping for the next couple of years because it will be at least that long to get through this shit-pile “The One” has inherited.


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