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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hope and Dread!

So, it was Saturday and it was All Inauguration, All Day, and Everyday from now until Wednesday morning. Symbolism abounds. And I am feeling hope for the first time in eight years, except for a little time on the night in November 2004 before it was revealed that the American Voters showed that they were out of their minds. I broke into tears constantly for days after that election.

It reminded me, as I have said incessantly, of 1972 when the voters elected a known crook and criminal, Richard Milhous Nixon. It was also how I felt after the December 12, 2000 announcement by SCOTUS of the end of the “Rule of Law.” And most of us didn’t even know that it would go so far as to repealing the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and that War Crimes on a Domestic and International level would become de rigueur and/or de facto.

So, I must say that even though I am conflicted between hope, anticipation, and anxiety I am mindful that we as a nation, and possibly the world, are on a precipice.

The “One” is taking over the helm of a ship, does the Titanic ring a bell, that has hit an iceberg and we may be expecting much too much from this human being. Sure he was the alternative to McSame, but he is after all just a pol, and a Chicago pol at that, (see: Rahm Imanuel ). Not to mention as some have said an almost delusional belief in Bipartisanship. So, I know that I will be disappointed and have so far disagreed with many of his policies. This Financial Iceberg was not unexpected. Many of his advisors were part of the moving and shaking folks that built this ship and put it in the iceberg’s path, (see: Rubin, Geithner, and Summers,) so is this the FDR policy of putting the Foxes in charge of the chicken house ala Joseph Kennedy?

I can only hope that it works out as well. One thing we do know is that it is going to be a very rocky road ahead and I know that given our choices at that fork in the road there was no other choice in November.

Part of my ambivalence is that I never thought I would see the day the American Electorate would elect an African-American to the Presidency so I want him to succeed so badly that it brings tears to my eyes and palpitations to my heart and dread to my mind.

So, the best of Luck to Mr. Obama and the United States of America!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I broke into tears constantly for days after that election." Me too, hon. We are living in interesting times. Yes, we will be disappointed - any thinking person knows that. "The One" knows what he sign3ed up for, All his law school friends will tell you that. Hopefully, there is wisdom somewhere between the lines of his ambition.

6:15 PM  

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