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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Did Competition in Capitalism Become a Bad Thing?

We now have all this talk about an entity being “too big to fail?” So the taxpayers are pouring all this money into these entities that are “too big to fail” and which pose a systemic risk to the economy should they go down. Obviously if it is “too big to fail” it is simply too big.

And then of course there is possible criminal activity with those who are “too big to fail.” Susie Madrak takes a look at AIG over at Crooks and Liars.

What ever happened to Anti-trust Laws and competition?

This isn’t exactly rocket science folks!

I’m just saying!

There is a reason that “Insurance” is regulated. And Credit Default Swaps, not matter what you call them, are an Insurance Product. Too big to fail indeed.

Update: AIG is going to give it’s “Masters of the Universe” in it’s London unit that fueled the trashing of an American Insurance Company’s comedown “bonus retention” money. So, it appears that AIG and their “new management” have learned their lessons, right? NOT!


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