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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

Back in the day we drove from Massachusetts to NYC to be part of the first celebration. It was wonderful and Paul Newman was there. Now, how do I know that? Because walking through the crowd I almost knocked him over. Now I am a pretty big girl and I was even bigger, taller that is, than I am now (age and osteoporosis and all). And Mr. Newman was a pretty delicate guy. I put my arms out as it became clear that I was going to knock him over and my arms went right over his shoulders in an attempt to grab him and keep from felling him. He was so sweet and sparkling and the whitest guy I had ever seen. Along with the huge and electrified crowd it is one of the great things I will remember from April 22, 1970. So, I didn’t knock him on his behind and we both got a great laugh out it. And the environmental movement was institutionalized.


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