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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I Guess that Some Folks aren’t all that Happy!

The G20 get together is going to be extremely stressful. The agreements of the G20 nations on what needs to be done and assuaging the many political differences of these countries and their varying political positions is probably not going to happen in London.

LONDON (Reuters) - Riot police staged baton charges to try to disperse several hundred protesters gathered around the Bank of England in the heart of London's financial center on Wednesday after a day of protest against the G20 summit.

Demonstrators had earlier attacked a nearby branch of Royal Bank of Scotland in protest against a system they said had robbed the poor to benefit the rich. Hundreds of protesters converged on the bank, shattering three windows.

Rescued by the government in October, RBS and former boss Fred Goodwin, who controversially refused to give up a pension award of 700,000 ($1 million), became lightning rods for public anger in Britain over banker excess blamed for the crisis.

The protests were timed to coincide with a G20 meeting of the world's leading and emerging economies.

Protesters hurled paint bombs and bottles, chanting: "Our streets! Our banks!"

RBS said in a statement it was "aware of the violence" outside its branch and "had already taken the precautionary step" of closing central city of London branches.

As dusk fell, police charged against a hard core of anti-capitalist demonstrators in an attempt to disperse them before nightfall. Bottles flew through the air toward police lines and police on horseback stood by ready to intervene.

Some protesters set fire to an effigy of a banker hanging from a lamppost.

Police brought out dogs as they tried to channel the few hundred remaining protesters through the narrow streets surrounding the classical, stone-clad Bank of England.

Police said 32 protesters had been arrested by early evening and at least one officer was taken to hospital for treatment.Some 4,000 protesters had thronged outside the central bank, and a Gucci store nearby was closed and its windows emptied.

Demonstrations were planned for Thursday at the venue in east London where world leaders will discuss plans to fight the financial crisis, police said.

The mood could be changing. I could be wrong but I’m not thinking so.


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