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Saturday, May 02, 2009

SCOTUS Replacement for Justice Souter?

I haven’t really investigated most of the supposed “proposed” list of candidates to replace Justice Souter. I would like “O” to pick a progressive dedicated to upholding the U. S. Constitution. That said I have decided on two who I would reject. One is Judge Sotomayor who was appointed by Bush I and now sits on the Second Circuit. And the other is Prof. Cass Sunstein from the University of Chicago Law School.

Judge Sotomayor is a fine person but not a progressive and considered a “Moderate,” which is code-speak for “Center-Right.” My rejection of Judge Sotomayor is based on my 2nd Circuit experience and what her record reflects. And though Cass Sunstein did write a terrific “reality-based” article on the Mythical Balance of SCOTUS. He also supported Chief Justice Roberts which gives me major pause. And here he is in a debate over FISA, and other important issues, with Glenn Greenwald (who I love.)



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