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Monday, June 01, 2009

Talk Rage and Perhaps the Consequence.

Unfortunately this weekend there is an example of perhaps the effect of Talk Rage. I speak specifically of Bill O’Reilly and his tirades about Dr. Tiller. The doctor was one of the few OB/GYN’s in the States who performed abortions to save the life and or health of a woman in the last trimester. Now I happen to be of an age when women who were pregnant and their pregnancy was determined to be a danger to their lives and or health had to carry the pregnancy to term. One friend of mine in the 60’s had to carry a dead fetus to term. She was then induced and faced both physical and emotional trauma that scarred her for life.

Now I happen to support the First Amendment, however I don’t believe in yelling “Fire” in a theater. And this “Talk Rage” is, I believe, at that point.

Here is a piece from The Very Reverend Moyers’ Journal on PBS:

I guess that the Right-Wing Moralists missed and or didn’t agree with Obama’s “Notre Dame” speech. Not to mention that Murder, whether ironically in a church or not, is not all that Moral or Pro-Life.


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