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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dan’s Back!

Here is his email with the appropriate links.


I just wanted to let you know that I’m writing again!

As you may have heard, not long after The Washington Post and I parted ways, I accepted a new job as Washington Bureau Chief at The Huffington Post. I’ve spent the last few weeks getting up to speed on how things work around here.

Today I’m publishing my first piece for HuffPo: Our Fuzzy President Is About To Come Into Focus.
Here’s the URL: http://nl.huffingtonpost.com/link.php?M=797169&N=99061&C=95c4a84f7e88a6d110419e902fc3fbfa&L=6135

I'll be writing occasionally from this point forward. I’ll send out alerts to this list for a while – but I would encourage you to either subscribe to my new RSS feed or sign up with Huffington Post to “get e-mail alerts from this reporter”. Those links are in the box at the top of every post, near my little mugshot. Here's a direct link to my new RSS feed:

I’d also like to encourage you to visit Huffington Post regularly, to look for the work of the Washington bureau and its reporters Sam Stein, Ryan Grim, Arthur Delaney and Jason Linkins.

And allow me to thank you all once again for your supportive words over the last month. They meant the world to me.


Dan Froomkin

Washington Bureau Chief
The Huffington Post


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