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Sunday, September 20, 2009

What About KBR, Blackwater, Etc,?

So, just exactly how many of our soldiers has ACORN killed with shoddy electrical work, or poisoned water and food to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars?

How much money has ACORN been fined for ripping off the taxpayers? Just wondering is all. Because I guess we have to investigate this outfit who has received only millions over the last ten years, but the contractors who have harmed our soldiers, etc., and received billions of dollars for doing it continue to have the largess of our taxpayer’s dollars thrown at them and continue to get off scot-free. I guess we know that those contractors that may help “brown-skinned” folks are held to a higher standard! Maybe they didn’t give enough campaign contributions to the folks in charge.

Now I am not saying that ACORN is without problems, all large entities are, but let’s put this in perspective.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying!


Update: Ryan Grim over at HuffPo reports on the possible ramifications of the GOP overreach in their legislative zeal to get ACORN. So, look out military-industrial complex.


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