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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It is a Bankrupt Law!

Here is the link to Oliver Willis tag.

Here are the numbers that Atrios has put up.

Call and email and mention Presidential aspirations.

Here is my email:

Dear Senator Biden:

I have always been a supporter of yours. However this Bankruptcy Legislation, and your support for it, turns my stomach. Please reject this class warfare and do the right thing for the average American. If you can’t get the loop hole for the trusts eliminated then you should reject this bill and the class warfare that it will enforce.

I have always thought that you would be a wonderful President. If you support this bill I will be forced to do everything in my power to oppose your presidential aspirations.

Though I am a resident of NYC, I have extensive influence in Delaware and thereabouts. The reach of Thoroughbreds is boundless.

Hopefully a continued supporter,

Tuli Taylor


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