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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Miers Down, But Which Lunatic Will Be Next?

Well, it appears that the right-wing nut cases are going to get their judicial bloodbath. As I have said before, the religious right-wing nuts and the elite right-wing nuts do want a fight over the Judiciary and the SCOTUS in particular. I can’t believe that after the Miers debacle that George won’t try to appease the base with some choice akin to Scalia and Thomas.

The right-wing has made it clear that only proven activist judges need apply for the court. The religious right wants someone who will actively overturn Roe v. Wade, and the elite wants a Federalist Society member who will actively dismantle the New Deal and weaken the separation of powers between the executive and the other two branches of government. Apparently nothing less will be accepted.

As reported in the NYT:

Paul Weyrich, chairman of the Free Congress Foundation and a founder of the modern conservative movement, said: "We are up for a fight. We are ready for a fight. And if we get a good nominee, all will be forgiven as far as Harriet Miers."

But if Mr. Bush names another nominee without a clear record, Mr. Weyrich said, "I will tell you that his coalition is at an end."

If the right-wing nuts get their way the separation of powers, the separation of church and state, the U.S. Constitution, and American Democracy will be seriously challenged.

I would suggest that everyone should read the Constitution now, as it may soon become a meaningless piece of parchment. Which is what the right-wing nuts want and then the real “Terrorists” will have won.


Blogger Howard said...

what is the duty of the supreme court? Republicans seem to think it is to vote the way they want them to. Sort of like a rubber stamp of their every whim..Our country is going to hell in a handbasket and the whole damn congress couldn't care less as long as they can get re-elected and leave with a fat retirement..

12:05 PM  

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