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Friday, November 10, 2006

More Happy Feet!

Steven Cambone to go as well!

According to “Fair and Balanced” Fox:

WASHINGTON — More senior Pentagon officials are likely to step down in the coming days in the wake of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's announced departure, Pentagon officials told FOX News on Thursday.

Meanwhile, at Kansas State University, Rumsfeld said it was the "highest honor in my life" to serve as defense secretary. He also joked about the timing of the resignation announcement, one day before the long-planned speech for the Landon Lecture Series.

"I hope all of you appreciate how I have managed so skillfully public affairs for this event. I wanted to put the Landon Lecture on the map, so I did my best," Rumsfeld said to laughter from the audience.

Asked afterward what grade he would give himself as head of the Defense Department, Rumsfeld said he'd "let history decide that."

Among those expected to hand in resignation letters alongside Rumsfeld's is the Pentagon's top intelligence official, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Steve Cambone, a close Rumsfeld associate and a key architect in planning for the Iraq war and the War on Terror.

Cambone is the first person to hold the post of intelligence under secretary, and in doing so helped the Pentagon step up its own intelligence gathering assets, a role traditionally overseen by the CIA. The new system led to turf battles between the two agencies in recent years.

A spokesman for Cambone would not speculate on whether the under secretary plans to stay after Rumsfeld resigns but said he knows of no change in his plans right now.

We can only hope that Steve goes the way of all those faux (sort of like faux news) “Weapons of Mass Destruction” he warned us about!

Can anyone say, “House Cleaning?”

Actually, I think that this Administration would like all of the “likely suspects” to be reduced to ex-administration officials before they are subpoenaed and sworn in. But then what do I know?



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