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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Whew, and the Senate Too?

Though usually a half-full glass type, after the 2004 election I was a skeptic. I am now feeling my “happy feet.” Getting the House was great, but the prospect of the Senate was beyond my ken this morning.

Okay, I have now just heard on Olbermann (MSNBC) that George Felix Allen (Mr. Macaca) is more than likely not going to go for the recount (no link). So, that would mean that the Democratic Caucus has 51 seats in the Senate and control of the House. We should probably find out tomorrow just how it is going down (pun intended).

Hopefully, this should mean that the Jackbooted Juggernaut has had the breaks but to it.

Earlier today, around noon, the coup de grace came with the inevitable resignation of Donald Rumsfeld.

I also have to mention that though I am no fan of Robert Gates, it seems to me that Bush 41 and his buds have finally decided to take Bush 43 by the ears and try to reign him in. This is probably a last ditch effort to save the GOP. Will it work, who knows?

That said, at this point from this administration, and the folks who have been running the country, it may be the best we can expect, Darwin and all.

So, break out the “bubbly,” if it is your drink of choice, and celebrate and then hunker down for what it to come.

We are talking cornered animals, and all, folks.


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