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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Misogyny and Racism

I am trying to work this through and will get back to you. This is a conundrum that is much too important for me to just spout off about, though I often do spout off about it. This controversy has serious and deep personal implications for my family, as well as the country, and it deserves careful consideration.

Of course, it was obvious from the beginning that the Obama and Clinton campaigns would bring this into the open. And I am not blaming the campaigns for this. It is just that their very existence leads to the confrontation. It was also obvious that the MSM would exploit it as it is such a part of our country’s narrative. And in my personal opinion exploit is the word. To date I have not seen any considered analysis or really thoughtful working through of these issues that are so embedded in our national character.

Maybe the fact that they are so embedded in our national character is the reason there hasn’t been a thoughtful analysis of the issues?

This isn’t just troubling for the Democrats, it is troubling for the United States in a big way and may have lasting implications for our future polity.


Update: Though I realize that PC limits overtly Racist speech unlike overtly Misogynist speech it doesn’t limit overt Racist actions just as nothing limits overt Misogynistic actions.


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