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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Liberal Conservatives?

This is totally anecdotal. That said, I know many Republicans and Conservatives who are adamantly and vociferously opposed to, not to mention the Dirty Fucking Hippies, all things liberal and none of those things defined as “conservative.” The problem for them is that they are for, and benefit from, liberal programs.

They are for electrification, clean drinking water, national highways, social security, Medicare, etc., but not for any program that they “think” “might” benefit someone less deserving, unlike them of course. Reducing taxes is first and foremost on their minds, even though they rarely if ever benefit from it.

Of course Crony Capitalism is fine with them, mostly because they think it is good for “Bidness.” Though the fact it is good for big “Bidness” and not so much for small “Bidness” seems lost on them. And naturally most of those I know are not big “Bidness” folks.

What is it with these people? Is it short term memory loss, early onset, or just plain old fashion dementia?

Just asking!

I know, I know, it is a total lack of “Real World Experience” and/or “Real World Reality.” Rotarian don't you know!


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