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Saturday, February 23, 2008

McCain Follow-up: The Real Issue

Forget the salacious angle. Who cares? Everyone knows that St. John McCain is a serial cheater, after all just ask his current wife Cindy! The real issue going back to the Keating Five, if not further, is that St. John is a serial lobbyist loving pol with a really bad temper.

Or, maybe he is just serially forgetful.

You had to know that the NYT’s had more and was just waiting to throw it at the wall. So, will the St. “Maverick” John loving MSM, help it stick?

Just asking!

Update: Liberal Media Indeed! Here is Todd Gitlin on the Times and its shadow play with the original story:

First they got knocked around, undeservedly, as "liberal media." Then they sprayed Teflon on George W. Bush and escorted Judy Miller into the annals of journalistic ignominy. Now they juggle McCain like a hot potato. Like tightrope walkers who think too long about every step, they plunge. This is a staggering denouement, but not a surprising one, for The Newspaper that Fears Its Own Shadow.


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