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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Look for it in the General Election, because it has already started. Kristol, Lieberman and now Buchanan have done it recently. So, I doubt that McCain didn’t get the memo.

I was recently called a Communist by a raging red faced Republican. I was shocked and I reminded him that I wasn’t a Communist and never had been, but was in fact a DFH, you know a Dirty Fucking Hippy. At the time I was hurt and sad that it had happened.

Now I am grateful that he inadvertently gave me a heads-up.

Red-baiting: it’s all they have left.


Blogger Andros said...

May I offer some advice?

You can't convince people like that to change their minds with any rational argument.

Pick your debates carefully.. unless you have lots of time to waste.

Many people can't connect the dots, nor do they understand what logic is. Hence, a logical argument through a logical process isn't what they use.

You have intellectual honesty they don't. So, they challenge any and every little thing you say. You end up trying to explain the obvious. It's like starting from square one... not practical.

Hope this helps.

10:29 AM  

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