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Friday, May 30, 2008

Scotty We Hardly Knew You!

Even though McClellan’s book didn’t really reveal anything we Dirty Fucking Hippies (DFH’s) didn’t already know it is not without value. I just watched Scott McClellan on Olberman. Now many folks are saying that based on his performance at the podium it should be clear that this book was too well written to have been produced by him and there must have been a ghost writer.

Well, Scotty is apparently far more articulate and erudite than we knew. This was on display on Countdown. He was not the bumbling fool we witnessed day after day at the Whitehouse.


Now we all know that some people are talkers and some people are writers. I am in the appellate business and there are lawyers who can do oral argument and write merely adequate briefs. Then there are those who write fabulous briefs and are not so great at oral argument. There are also those, I am thinking Krugman here, who are terrific at writing and not so great in interviews.

So, what I am saying here is that after watching Scotty present his case in the court of public opinion I am saying that he is not the bumbling idiot that many of us, including me, presumed him to be. Nor do I find it hard to believe that he wrote an articulate, informative and well written book.

Once released from the bubble, Scott McClellan is far more thoughtful than I thought. And perhaps he should have been involved in policy in this less than thoughtful Whitehouse.

The major lesson for Scotty is: it’s not good to be a true believer!

Because it is obvious that you are not as stupid as you appeared from the podium.


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