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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Senator Dodd: On the Rule of Law!

He is doing it again and trying to protect the U.S. Constitution as he has sworn to do.

Thank you Senator. You make me proud. And you are making our Founding Fathers proud by standing up for the Rule of Law which was so important to them. Let us not forget the Rule of Law is what this Country was founded on.

UPDATE: What we all talk about and wonder at the “Public Defenders Office” where I work is could it be possible that the next legislation passed by Congress will be Immunity for all of our clients, who are indigent, who have been convicted for a $10 bag of dope in the past or for any purchase in the future? And if not, why not? It isn’t as though they could afford the hoards of legal specialists on staff to tell them that what they were doing was Un-Constitutional. Though it seems that Qwest knew that!


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