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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

JHK Gets Some Love from Colbert!

I had been meaning to post this May 1st interview on the Colbert Report for some time and failed to do so. My bad! It was so clear when I saw this interview that Colbert really loved Jim and what he had to say.

You all know that I am a real JHK fan, so I was really interested in how Colbert would handle the interview. He could have gone all Billo and done the “Liberal Bashing” thing and yet he didn’t. It was almost as if he was out of character, but not quite.

Jim also mentioned that Colbert and the staff were “very nice and the studio mood was festive.”

So as Jim says, “It’s all good.”

UPDATE: So, now I remember the problem. The embed didn’t work out. So here is the link which should work.


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