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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Barack on Father’s Day.

Parenting is the hardest job there is to be done. It isn’t just Black Fathers who are absent. Many White and Black Fathers are absent even when they are present. We need to redefine what a father is. It isn’t just planting a seed but it requires nurturing the sprout into a full person. And fathering isn’t defined that way to date. There do appear to be, anecdotally, some men actually engaged in parenting. But not enough are actually engaged in the hard work of parenting. Too often they are considered as helping out. Well helping out suggests a lack of responsibility and a need for direction. As long as any man considers it “babysitting” when taking care of their own children the world of parenting hasn’t progressed very far.

No mother considers it “babysitting” when taking care of her children. Why would a father?

Now I must say that I am not all that up for the Christian Talk and Dog Whistles but the overall message is redemptive.


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