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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sarah Palin: SCOTUS One Case You Should know about!

It would seem to me that a governor of a state would be really invested and interested in the issues and legal cases that effect their state. Apparently Sarah Palin is so disinterested, not just in Foreign policy and Domestic policy of the lower 48, she is also completely disinterested in what effects her constituents in Alaska.

The SCOTUS opinion on the Exxon Valdez litigation which effects the coastal communities of Alaska would have been something she would have noticed and when queried by Katie Couric about Supreme Court Decisions she disagreed with besides Roe v. Wade she was unable to name another case.

I would think that she probably should have felt the import and remembered this case. But maybe she will get back to Katie about this!

Or, how soon we forget:

Maybe as one who has impaired memory, as I am, she should just admit it, but that said I don’t live in Alaska, I live in the the lower 48 so I would have immediately said Bush v. Gore. But also no one writes my talking points. And I am not trying to sell anything.

But then I am a news junkie. What do I know?


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