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Friday, March 13, 2009

Racino at Aqueduct in Doubt, Once Again.

The other evening at dinner we were talking about this development. Now I am not in favor of the video terminals per se though I do understand their attraction for politicians, horseracing enthusiasts and many taxpayers. Many think that the future of horseracing is at risk without the casino aspect at the tracks. It strikes me as just another way to soak the less able among us, aka the lottery that was suppose to benefit the education system and we all know how that worked out: general fund anyone?

Scratch those plans for the first casino on a subway line in New York City — at least for now.

Plans to build a casino at the Aqueduct racetrack in Queens have collapsed, the latest victim of the financial turmoil that has tightened the credit markets.


The casino was to include a 184,000-square-foot gambling floor and 4,500 video gambling terminals as well as restaurants, a hotel and a 60,000-square-foot conference center. Construction was to have started early this year. Delaware North operates a similar casino in Saratoga Springs.

Now I have been to the casino in Saratoga Springs and it was and is appalling. If this is an example of Delaware North’s product perhaps it is not such a bad thing that it is now in doubt. Certainly from my point of view the actual racetrack didn’t benefit from Delaware North’s investment. Only the casino was upgraded, not the track or the very sad restaurant. I was really surprised at how decrepit the actual racetrack facilities were and how glitzy and disorienting the casino was after the “improvements.” And if they were planning a similar casino to the one at the Spa, well, I am not so distraught that it may have fallen to the “economic situation” we now find ourselves and the state in.

Maybe it is the “Gift Horse,” and we should be thankful to get another do around. Aqueduct is tacky enough it doesn’t need to be tackier.

Time will tell.


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