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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran, the U.S. and Protesting an Election.

Ironic isn’t it that hundreds of thousands of Iranian citizens are risking their lives and demonstrating in the streets all across the country when they think the election was stolen. It is being covered by the U.S. media 24/7. Perhaps I have forgotten or missed the mass demonstrations protesting the 2000 Election in our much lauded Democracy and the U.S. media's coverage 24/7. Of course there was the Brooks Brothers Riot in Florida but that was a faux riot and demonstration.

In the end our much lauded Democracy chose to stop the counting of ballots via a 5-4 vote of the SCOTUS. I guess that is how a “Real Democracy” rolls. I guess we are such a sophisticated republic that we don’t need no stinking citizen involvement in our democracy.

I think that irony is the best that can be said.


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