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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The So Called Health Care Debate

Listen to Avedon as she is all over this debate.

And here is the Freshman Senator Merkley on the Floor in the Debate.

I’d much rather have faceless insurance toadies decide my health care needs than my doctor, wouldn’t you? And of course I want to pay through the kazoo for the privilege. In fact I want to pay more than any other industrialized country for that privilege and only get to receive healthcare that places our system as 37th in the world. Must be time to move to Costa Rica (number 36) for Healthcare.

Now I say that because I think it is great that most Bankruptcies are the result of Medical bills. And as we all know Medicare for Everyone, say a Single Payer Plan, is Socialism and wholly Un-American. And that Canadian System that out performs ours is down right awful. And all of the Health Care Industrial Complex really does have my interests at heart and not their profits.

And then there is Dave Johnson and Kristof because this is the Debate of our Century about whether or not the United States of America will move into the industrialized world and the 20th Century even if it is the 21st Century.

And we all know that Dr. Dean is so totally uniformed that who could believe a thing he says because after all he “Howled.”

Now just to be clear, if there is no “Public Plan” at the very least, there is no reform.


Blogger CMike said...

This is my first time here. I, just now, saw a comment of yours in a different Sideshow thread about health care than the one you link to here.

It's always interesting to hear from people, like yourself, who can share the contrasting experiences they, or their immediate family members, have had accessing health care in the U.S. and in another country. I'd be interested in your impressions of the differences between the U.S. and Canada in matters related to your role as a citizen, your social life, your sense of connection to your neighborhood, and your sense of the role of economic class.

(You finished that comment at The Sideshow with this aside:

At least our musical tastes are in sink (is this a new term or misspelled?)

I might be taking your question mark here too literally, maybe you're making the point your musical tastes are too sophisticated for you to know anything of the Justin Timberlake/boy band genre. The term is "in sync" meaning synchronized.)

4:09 AM  

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