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Monday, June 08, 2009

Why Are So Many Congress-Critters Opposed to Subsidized Healthcare?

All Federal Employees get really good and heavily subsidized Healthcare choices (the best coverage I ever had was as a Federal Employee.) That includes Congress as well (that means you Senator Grassley, who by the way qualifies for Medicare, our ultimate "Public Plan.") And I can bet that if they were able to access, prior to the age of 65, a really good “public plan” ala Medicare, they would jump at it. So, why do so many of them want to deny their constituents the very same choices? Do you think it might be because they are bought and paid for by Big Pharma and the “Healthcare” Industrial Complex?


Update: If there is no “Public Plan” there is no point. The “Trigger Plan” is just plain bullshit and cowardly all you “Moderates” out there. Interesting don’t you think that we can come up with the money to bailout Wall Street and for two counterproductive Wars but not the money to join the rest of the Civilized World to provide Universal Healthcare to our citizens? Oh, and here is ‘Froomkin’s post on the latest.


Anonymous George said...

This is the chance for health care so we must do it right. Millions of Americans will have longer healthier lives.

Like other good things in the past that were opposed, but today we take them for granted.

I'm also for subsidized health care, like extending Medicare to all. If this is a priority, then it can be done. We're much more wealthy that other countries (despite their problems) have universal health care for their citizens.

One step would be to take the insurance companies out of deciding the coverage for the kind of treatment patients get. Controlling costs should start by eliminating the vast bureaucracy, claims procedure and administering a broken system.

Those Americans who oppose this they don't know any better. Once implemented, people will accept it and won't want to go bad to the mess we have today.

10:26 PM  

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