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Thursday, June 25, 2009

President as Nerd!

I have been meaning to post this for some time now. It is from the Radio & Television Correspondent’s Association Dinner last Friday. Now I disagree with many of the “O Man’s” policies on Civil Liberties, etc., but that said I do prefer having a President who is a Nerd! So thank you John Hodgman, the man who knows everything (I know from where he speaks), for speaking the unspeakable. Because Nerds and Geeks (I have a Geek son) should rule. Now this doesn’t mean that we agree with everything they say or do, but at the very least they are curious and thinking. How refreshing is that?

So in the war between the Jocks (and cheerleaders) and the Nerds (and their inherent generalized definitions) I am so happy that the Nerds have finally won even if I don’t agree with all their nerdy conclusions. But the “O Man” is also quite the jock. Hmmm! A thinking jock, whocudathunkit? And in the anti-intellectual U.S.A. of all places! I guess that is where the jock comes in! The jocks are just like our cultural comfort food! Sort of an offset to all that Arugula and thinking don’t you know!

Better late than never. Enjoy!


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