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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blood Sport, Indeed!

The attacks on the Obama Administration, and the rhetoric employed in those attacks, is not unexpected. What is unexpected is the Administration and Democrats in Congress which seem totally unprepared to deal with these attacks.

Right after Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States I took James B. Stewart’s book Blood Sport down off the shelf to re-read it. The book is about the Republican and Conservative campaign to get the Clintons and de-legitimize their Administration. The “Vast Right-wing Conspiracy” called them drug dealers and murderers. They even investigated, using tax-payer money, their cat’s Christmas list. To say it was totally out of control is an understatement. They were relentless. So, they won in that Clinton was impeached, but they lost in that he wasn’t convicted.

Now I knew it was going to happen to Obama and happen it did. I also was sure that the accusation of being a “Communist,” and or worse, would be thrown around as well. Now how did I know that? I knew it because hurling the invective started even before a Democrat was elected to the highest office in the country. In fact, I was called a “Communist” during the campaign by a Repub just because I opposed McCain. Mind you, this person didn’t make any substantive support for McCain’s policies, and or positions, just an ad hominem attack on me. Now, just for the record, I have never been a “Communist,” though I readily admit to being a DFH. So, this hurling of the “C” word at me turned out to be a heads up as to what was coming.

My question is: did no one in the Whitehouse or Transition team pay attention to what went on when we last had a Democrat in the Whitehouse? This may strike some as old news but I am constantly amazed at how unprepared these Democrats, ostensibly in charge, seem to be as they seek bipartisanship in everything. They give and give and don’t even get a donut for their efforts. The Health Care negotiations are a prime example of how this works.

These vituperative attacks on this Administration are very destructive to the Republic. What are the ramifications of all this outrageous rhetoric? I don’t think the outcome will make the U.S.A. proud and are dangerous to our democracy.

I hope this latest crime doesn’t portend for the future.

The Red Flags are everywhere!

Update: Even Friedman can see the obvious.


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