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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Greenspan and the Right-Wing Conspiracy!

Brad Plummer, standing in for Kevin Drum, has a good piece on Greenspan, “Film at Eleven”, the “Hack.”

It seems that Hillary was right, there is a right-wing conspiracy and Greenspan, not just Grover Norquist, et al., is part of it.

I remember when the changes in Social Security were made. I also remember thinking, “This is a raid on the working class for the benefit of the wealthy class.” It is why the “Lockbox” discussion of the 2000 election resonated with me. This is the classic Class Warfare that the right has always engaged in. The very same Class Warfare that they have always accused the left of engaging in. Though it seems, in political discourse these days, that as long as the distribution is of wealth from the bottom to the top, it isn’t Class Warfare in this Orwellian World we now inhabit.

This is made even scarier by the Bush Administration, and their supporters, comments which lead many to believe that the Treasury Notes in the SS Trust Fund will not be honored.

I would imagine this must make the Chinese Government, and others, who are funding our most recent Republican Deficits very uncomfortable, and skittish, as they hold a treasure trove of Treasury Notes. Maybe this explains the recent decision by many of our debt financiers to diversify and start purchasing more euros, instead of dollars.

Why does the Right hate America and want to destroy it?

Dear Bradford Plummer, thanks for the vindication.

I am bereft.


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