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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Blog Links!

This is the really problematic part of blogging. Who do you link to?

There are so many wonderful sites out there that it is really a Solomon’s Choice. And let us not forget space is a consideration, as well as time.

So, as one who has just started to figure out how to create a link roll, it is making me crazy. I have started to put up links in a rather limited way. I will be adding the many blogs and sites that I love when I have time. Where any particular link is on the list is not reflective of my devotion. It is reflective of when I found it and where it rests on my “Favorites List.” I have made a half-hearted attempt to categorize the various sites that I love, but it is half-hearted. I love some of the eco sites as much as I love the humorous sites. But all of the sites I will put up are essential.

Enjoy and let me know what I have missed.


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